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Natalia Nalyvaiko

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Nalyvaiko, N. (2021). The third (not) redundant. Monitor in the psychoanalytic process. Psychoanalysis and the Virtual: ethics, metapsychology and clinical experience outside practice:

Materials of the II All-Ukrainian scientific and practical conference with international participation, June 12–13, 2021, Kyiv. P. 45-56. DOI: 

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Nalyvaiko, N. (2021). Three is (not) a crowd. A monitor in psychoanalytical process [in Ukrainian]._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b- 136bad5cf58d_Psychoanalysis and the Virtual: ethics, metapsychology and clinical experience of the remote practice : Conference proceedings, June, 12-13, 2021, Kyiv [electronic book]. - Kyiv, Kryvyi Rih: Publisher Roman Kozlov, 2021. - pp. 45-56. DOI: 

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