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Special project of the Division "Psychoanalytic Psychology and Psychotherapy" of the National Psychological Association of Ukraine

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This project is implemented by the Division "Psychoanalytical Psychology and Psychotherapy" of the National Psychological Association of Ukraine together with BF "Zhyttelyub"during October 2021 — March 2022

We invite you to participate people of retirement age, who would like to understand themselves or better understand others, regulate their anxiety or get rid of obsessive thoughts, survive a difficult period with the support of a specialist psychologist.

Our specialists work inpsychoanalytical approach, which implies:​

  • systematic meetings of 50 minutes for a certain time (for example, 1 or 2 times a week at a certain time) during the project period

  • mandatory (but preferential, low) fee for sessions as an important factor in the effectiveness of the method

Given that people of retirement age in Ukraine are a vulnerable cohort of the population, often financially insecure, we suggest receiving professional psychoanalytic helpat the agreed - preferential - costFROM 50 UAH. By writing "from" we mean that the payment should be significant, respectable, but powerful for the client himself. So, it can be 50 UAH, 100, 200 or 300 UAH, depending on what amount of payment is acceptable and tangible for a particular client to work with a psychologist. This issue is mutually resolved during the first session.

Due to the spread of the coronavirus disease, all meetings within the project are taking placeonlinefor your safety. Therefore, to participate you will need: 

  • special equipment (computer, laptop, tablet or phone) with high-speed Internet access

  • a room where no one will disturb you for 50 minutes 

In addition, we note that all project specialists receive special training and work with the support of their curators and supervisors to provide the highest quality assistance to elderly people. 

We look forward to your applications!


To participate in the project, click on the button"Participate" and enter all necessary information about yourself. Please note that the project will be able to quickly find specialists for the first 50 people, and accept others on a first-come, first-served basis. 

In any case, you will definitely receive an answer to your application within 3 working days.

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